Father avoids paying child support by depositing checks himself

It is no surprise that most divorcing parents in Wilton disagree about most things. They likely disagree on whose fault it is that the marriage is over, about who should have primary physical custody of the children, about exactly which days which parent should get, about spousal support and a host of other issues. Another common sore spot for divorcing parents in Connecticut and across the country is child support.

Even though child support payments are awarded to serve the best interests of a child, it sometimes feels like it is one ex-spouse paying another for his or her expenses. And, since no one is monitoring how child support money is spent, on the rare occasion that feeling may be right. More often, however, the parent who is getting the child support money is using it to pay for the child’s food, care and other necessities. In most situations, that money plays a very important role in the recepient’s budget.

With all of this in mind, there are some parents who refuse to pay child support or will only pay part of the court-ordered award. Then, there are some people who take it one step further, like a 54-year-old West Hartford man. He has recently been charged with larceny, forgery and identity theft after he was accused of signing his ex-wife’s name to the child support checks he wrote. He would then deposit the checks back into his account.

This, of course, is a relatively unique situation. At the same time, it has deprived this man’s ex-wife of money she likely needs, something with which many single fathers and mothers can commiserate.