Is divorce mediation right for you?

Divorce often creates tension and frustration between spouses, especially when it comes to negotiating the divorce settlement. All couples getting divorced face challenges when deciding how to divide the marital assets and property but there is one way to reduce the stress associated with the divorce process that many couples fail to consider.

Divorce mediation offers couples an alternative way to negotiate their divorce settlement by avoiding litigation. Mediation involves both spouses discussing and negotiating their divorce settlement agreement with mediators available to help the couple communicate and find a resolution both parties can agree upon.

Using mediation instead of litigation during divorce has several benefits, including reduction in costs, more confidentiality during and after the divorce and the divorce process takes less time. However, spouses should know that mediation is usually non-binding except in cases where both parties agree to the terms in the divorce settlement.

Spouses thinking about using mediation should be aware that a succesful mediation relies on effective communication and both parties will need to be respectful and calm during the mediation process in order to reach an agreement.

Individuals using mediation during the divorce process should remember to focus on the settlement agreement and figure out ways to be cooperative with each other instead of starting arguments. Remind yourself and each other that the point of using mediation is to avoid litigation and it may be helpful to consider where each other is coming from to make sure the agreement is fair to both parties.

Spouse thinking about divorce mediation should consult a divorce attorney who specializes in mediation and discuss what steps to take to see if the process is right for them.