No-Cost Divorce Advice?

From an article recently published on The New York Times’ website:

Divorce can be costly, as most people know, with each side expected to spend, on average, $15,500, during the process, according to Nolo, a publisher of legal books and software. Many spouses spend a whole lot more.

The bulk of these expenses are for lawyer fees, which are typically around $250 an hour, but can easily run as high as $900, or more. And as Brendan Hammer, a partner in Berger Schatz, a prominent matrimonial law firm in Chicago, notes, “We get paid win, lose or draw.”

But he and other family lawyers say there are ways to keep costs down, and maybe minimize your heartache, too. Here is some of their advice — right now free of charge…

At Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC, our experienced attorneys are well-versed in the collaborative divorce process and frequently attend mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution with our clients.