Preparing for divorce: property division and other issues

When Connecticut couples make the decision to file for divorce, they need to be prepared. A divorce is a major decision that can affect many aspects of your life for a long time. Read on to find out what you’ll need to do.

In the beginning stages of filing for divorce, you’ll need to determine the assets and debts of both you and your spouse. This involves gathering credit card statements, tax returns, bank accounts and business documents, if applicable. These documents will help determine how much the marital estate is worth and how to split it between you and your spouse. If children are involved, these documents will also determine annual income, which is a basis for child support.

Children will need to be prepared for the effects of divorce as well. A divorce will impact children almost as much as it will affect you. Although children are fairly resilient, they will no doubt face strong emotions. They may have to move to a new residence and even attend a new school. On top of that, they may see both parents less often.

There are many issues involved in a divorce, including property division, child custody and child support. A divorce can be a stressful and lengthy process, but with proper preparation, you can make the process easier on yourself and your loved ones. We at Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC can help you meet your goals with our expertise and compassion.