Study: home renovations may lead to divorce

Sharing a home with your spouse can lead to many different arguments, especially when homeowners are starting to renovate or remodel their home. While it can be difficult to agree on the renovation budget and style choices, are couples who renovate their homes more likely to get divorced?

Remodeling projects may have a deeper impact on marriage than anyone has previously known. A new study from Houzz, a design and home improvement website, found that home renovations may have a negative impact on marriage, with 12 percent of married couples saying that they considered getting divorced after starting their remodeling projects.

Starting renovations on a home can create conflict in the marriage, according to the study. The survey reported that one-third of married couples said they fought over remodeling styles and design for the home. Respondents also reported fighting after one spouse threw away old furniture or artwork without consulting the other spouse first.

The finding that couples may be more likely to consider divorce during a home renovation or remodeling project is not that surprising. When a couple decides to spend a lot of money and time on a project and they end up fighting over style choices, it can also create other arguments or concerns in the marriage.

Couples may start fighting over the renovation budget and realize they do not agree on how to handle their finances together. Other couples may fight over style choices that leave both spouses feeling like their opinion is not heard or does not matter. These types of arguments can create tension in a marriage and increase the chances of one or both spouses thinking about divorce.

Spouses who have remodeled or renovated their home and are considering divorce should contact a divorce attorney to discuss the divorce process and how the newly remodeled home may impact their property division negations.