The divorce process: documents your divorce attorney needs

Individuals who begin the divorce process may feel confused and overwhelmed. These feelings are often exacerbated by other strong emotions and feelings including fear, excitement, regret and hope. Also weighing heavily on the minds of soon-to-be divorcees are concerns and questions related to important matters like child custody and the division of marital property.

Given the high stakes and many changes involved in the divorce process, it’s no wonder that individuals often feel overwhelmed. For Connecticut residents who are contemplating divorce, it’s wise to enlist the assistance of a skilled family law and divorce attorney who can provide advice, encouragement, guidance and assistance to help one successfully navigate the divorce process.

As with most things in life, when it comes to divorce, it pays to be prepared. A divorce attorney will thoroughly review financial documents to ensure that all known and hidden marital assets are accounted for. However, an individual can assist in saving time and money by gathering and providing an attorney with important documents related to the following.

• Tax returns
• Checking and savings account information
• Retirement and investment account information
• Mortgage documents
• Credit card statements
• Tally of month bills and other expenses
• List of personal property
• Insurance policy information
• Prenuptial agreement
• Estate planning documents

These are just some of the critical documents that an attorney will need to review and take into consideration when helping procure a divorce settlement agreement that is in an individual’s best interest. Additionally, in cases where an individual suspects that a spouse is hiding assets, an attorney will thoroughly investigate financial and business records and may enlist the assistance of a financial forensics expert.