Are There Differences Amongst the Various Connecticut Divorce Courts?

In Connecticut, there are rules for what courthouse within the state a divorce case should be filed in. Generally, a case is filed in the courthouse closest to where you or your spouse live and where the Court accepts cases from your particular town. Some towns can have cases filed in two different courthouses. For example, parties living in Westport can file in either Stamford Superior Court or Bridgeport Superior Court. The person who files for divorce has the advantage of selecting the courthouse he or she prefers in such a situation.

Regardless of what courthouse you file for divorce in, the laws of the state of Connecticut govern the divorce case. That does not vary from courthouse to courthouse. The Rules of Procedure and the Rules of Evidence also apply universally amongst the Connecticut courthouses.

That said, each courthouse has its own local customs and different ways in which the judges run the day-to-day court schedule. Attorneys like those at our firm who are familiar with each courthouse’s local customs can help you navigate through the court system smoothly.