How are Extracurricular Activities and Unreimbursed Medical Expenses Paid for in a Connecticut Divorce Case?

Extracurricular activities and unreimbursed medical expenses could be paid for in a number of ways depending on the circumstances of your case. Payment for these types of expenses are typically above and beyond any child support payment.

Normally, you will share the cost of these expenses with your ex-spouse in some proportion, whether it is fifty-fifty, two-thirds-one-third, or any other percentage.

You will generally true-up the cost of these expenses at some defined time period, whether it be monthly, quarterly or annually.

In other cases, you may have an obligation to send an invoice within a set time period; one (1) week, fifteen (15) days, or thirty (30) days, and your ex-spouse will have a similar time period to reimburse you for the expense.

A third option is for you to operate a shared children’s checking account with your ex-spouse. Each of you will contribute a set amount into the checking account, and all agreed upon children’s expenses will be paid out of this account. When the funds in the account are depleted, you will again contribute your set amount into this account, and continue to do so until the obligations terminate.