How are Parenting Plans Determined in a Connecticut Divorce Case?

Since most cases do not end up at trial, Parenting Plans are typically agreed to between the parties.

Parenting Plans can be customized for each individual situation. You can be as creative you want. It is most important to tailor the plan to the needs of the children and the parents’ specific availability. Even if you think you should have “equal time,” it is not productive to get caught up in a mathematical determination of who has how many hours.

Parenting Plans can range from every other weekend and a night during the week, to a week on and a week off. They typically address holidays and vacations, and most often these times are shared, either by splitting the day or alternating every year.

Be realistic. If you are on the train every weekday to New York City and home late, you may want to arrange for the majority of your parenting time to be on weekends, holidays and vacations. If you have the children the majority of the time, recognize that the other parent can provide you with some needed relief and personal time. In every plan, the best interests of the children should be the paramount concern.