How Do I Start a Connecticut Divorce Case?

To start a divorce action in Connecticut you must draft, serve, and file certain documents. Since a divorce is a civil lawsuit, there must be Plaintiff, a Defendant, and an allegation supporting a cause of action.

The allegation is pled in a document called a Complaint, and since Connecticut is a “no-fault” divorce State, the allegation pled in the Complaint is almost always that “the marriage has broken down irretrievably.” In addition to the Complaint, the Summons and Notice of Automatic Orders must be drafted, which generally contain pro forma identifying information.

Once those documents are drafted, they must be sent to the Marshal for service. Except for a few limited circumstances where a spouse lives outside of Connecticut or whose whereabouts are unknown, the Marshal must serve those documents on your spouse personally or leave them at his or her last known address.

Once those documents have been served, either the Marshal, you, or the Attorney must file those documents with the Clerk and pay the $360 filing fee.

After those steps have been completed, you have officially commenced your divorce action.