How Long Does a Connecticut Divorce Take?

There is no rule for how long a divorce can take in Connecticut. It used to be that the parties had to wait ninety (90) days for a “cooling off” period prior to getting divorced. That law has recently changed. Under one process in Connecticut, parties can get divorced in approximately thirty-five (35) days or less without having to appear in Court on the divorce date if they meet certain requirements, including being married for eight (8) years or less, not having children, and having assets totaling $35,000 or less.

Connecticut also allows parties who have reached an agreement on all parts of their divorce to file a motion allowing them to get divorced prior to the 90-day waiting period.

That being said, certain high net worth or high income cases can take anywhere from six months to one year. Some take less time and some take more time. Courts in Connecticut prefer that cases end in one year or less whenever possible.

Generally, the more cooperative you and your spouse are in taking the steps necessary to bring your case to conclusion, the faster your case will go.